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Where there is love, I'm down to be there, taking awesome photos.  I've been shooting all things human for over 20 years.  I can't see myself as anything but a photographer.  Ever.
What's my style, you ask?  My clients say words like "organic", "relaxed", "fast" and "badass"  Basically, I shoot what's real, meaningful, and heartfelt - and I'll do anything to get that shot.  Hang off a dock upside down with an assistant holding me down?  Yep.   Ninja-down onto the sand and wait for the perfect moment the sun bursts through the clouds?  Yep. 
I am also a travelling photographer!  However, my secret base is in Charleston, SC, where I'm raising my minions to be outstanding human beings.  I love rescued animals, feed veterans on the holidays, and actually do take long walks on the beach - camera often in hand.  :)
Embracing your authenticity is what I'm all about. My photography is purely an interpretation of what you and yours are all about. It is a reflection of you. I'm just there to photograph your life, so when you're old and moldy, there's proof you lived & loved.


~Roxy Taylor~

Owner, Art of Roxy Photography





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