Hiring Tips, Contracts & Files

The Photography Contract

don't get shot without it!

What does a contract do? 

A good photography contract is designed to protect both the photographer and the client.  Often it will include a clause allowing the photographer to use the images for websites, social media, printing, advertising, etc.  It will also detail the way in which you can enjoy your photos without violating copyright law.  

Why use contract ?

Having a contract is something every true professional will require, and is proof of their dedication not only to excellent customer service, but the laws of the land and business, as well.

Does Art of Roxy use contracts?

I always use contracts. :)


The Files

the 411 on digital files, Roxy style


Almost everyone wants a digital copy of their photos.  Some photographers provide this up front with the session fee (I do), or as an additional option to purchase, and some none at all.  

Are the files marked?

Files can be offered with or without watermarks/copyrights on them (I offer both!).

How do I get my files?

Files are delivered via direct download from your personal gallery.  As part of my efforts to have a more environmentally friendly company, I offer online downloads via a transfer service at no additional charge.

How do I know I can have them printed at a lab?

Every session I shoot includes the files and a Print Permission form allowing you to have them printed for personal use.  

How soon will you receive your files after a session?  

Anything non-wedding is delivered within a week or so.  Weddings usually take 2-4 weeks.

Do you offer retouching?

Basic retouching is always included.  Extensive retouching is addressed on a case-by-case basis and a fee will be quoted.


What to Wear

clothes are good!


Everyone wants to look amazing in their photos.  

A few tips:

DON'T wear bright white shirts.  The human eye automatically goes to the brightest part of the photo.  Preferably, this should be your face, not your chest.

DO  choose 3 coordinating colors, and tell everyone to construct an outfit out of those colors.  Variety & texture is achieved this way, and it allows personalities to shine through, without being distracting.

DO wear comfortable shoes, or bring a backup pair.